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Awareness creation on gender and energy to the Councilors of Kisarawe, Mkuranga and Kibaha.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Between 23rd and 29th January 2020, TANGSEN conducted a refresher training to councilors of Kisarawe, Kibaha and Mkuranga on the integration of Gender and Energy into the development plans. The main objective of these meetings were to create awareness on gender and energy issues and opportunities in the districts councils, Discuss the importance of having plans that integrate energy with a gender perspective and exploring on the possibility for budget inclusion of gender and energy interventions in the districts development plans.

This capacity to the councilors was important because, them being representatives of people in the District Decision making body (The District Council), are the one who knows and deal with people issues in the wards, villages and even at the household level. Furthermore, Councilors are the one responsible in ensuring that all of the district, and ward level plans are implemented by participating in the district committees. Councilor also mobilize people in community activities and sensitizing on development.

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