PISCCA: Income generation project for women and youth groups by using low cost efficient green charcoal ovens.

On 11th September, 2017 NGSEN signed a grant agreement with the French Embassy in Tanzania under the PISCCA program (PISCCA No. 2015 -9 – 8) to implement a one-year project on Income Generation for Women and Youth Groups by Using Low Cost Efficient Green Charcoal Ovens and Improved Charcoal Stoves and promotion of Green Charcoal Briquettes in Muheza District. The implementers of this are Muheza District Council, Tanzania Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (TANGSEN) formerly known as National Gender and Sustainable Energy Network (NGSEN) and the Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organisation (TaTEDO).

The project is aimed to build capacity in baking by using low cost efficient green charcoal ovens to youth and women based in urban and peri-urban areas of Muheza district. Moreover, the project is intended to increase income-earning opportunities to youth and women entrepreneurs by establishing small bakeries and selling stoves, ovens and briquettes. These proposed groups will be trained on how to use efficient green charcoal ovens for baking activities. The products to be produced and sold will include cakes and loaves of bread which will be packaged for marketing to different areas within and outside Muheza urban and peri-urban. The targeted groups are women and youth entrepreneurs who are specifically dealing with food vending business. The use of green charcoal will mitigate environmental adverse effects associated with use of inefficient wood fuel technologies and charcoal from the forests. Project activities Based on the signed contract, the key activities for the projects were: Participatory Planning Participants of the meeting were drawn from women and youth entrepreneurs, NGOs, Networks, media and individuals. Apart from developing implementation plan, the meeting was aimed to: - • Identify and formation of 10 bakeries • Identification of 20 youths and 70 women to be trained on baking using green charcoal stoves and ovens • Identification of 10 small improved stoves and charcoal briquette entrepreneurs The Planning Meetings were attended by 29 participants (27 women and 2 men) from 5 wards Awareness Creation and Demonstrations Awareness and sensitization of the targeted groups were conducted in the project implementation district (Muheza District). Among others, the purpose of the mission was to sensitize selected youth and women groups and individual of entrepreneurs from the respective district on income generation opportunities, specifically to an unemployed people to combat poverty; through engaging in business of modern energy technologies products (improved charcoal stoves, ovens and briquettes). Apart from income generation, use of improved stoves and briquettes will reduce pressure on forest and facilitate environment conservation. During awareness and sensitization mission, types of the technologies required in specific area were demonstrated. This was aimed to enable participants to analysis and get clear picture of what kind of technologies to be promoted in their areas. Moreover, this also was aimed to enable participants to recall kind of raw-materials and investments which are required in the business. All products were demonstrated in order to enable the participants own the process. Leaflets, photos and technologies were used to illustrate different products to be promoted. Regarding use and how to operate the oven and stove, theory and live demonstration on how to use were conducted to the participants. CAPACITY BUILDING THROUGH TRAININGS 1. BAKING TRAINING Participants of this training were divided in two groups and the training for each group was conducted for four days. The first training was conducted from 10th to 13th while the second training was from 16th to 19th. During baking training, an improved charcoal baking oven (Fig: II) was used to bake foods produced. Both trainings were conducted at the Association of Teachers Conference Centre adjacent to Muheza District Commission premises. Participants of the first group except one from the District Council all were women while the second training comprised both gender; 25 women and 4 men. In Both training a total of 58 trainees participated. Regarding baking training groups, at the end of training, members of the group who were yet not provided with baking oven were given an oven and baking accessories of the value estimated to be Tsh. 700,000/= including transportation cost from Dar es Salaam to the Muheza town. 2. BUSINESS TRAINING Introduction The assignment under the PISCCA project was to provide business training at Muheza district, Tanga region. This report provide information and description of the activIties carried out during the event. The PISCCA project entitled “Income Generation for Women and Youth Groups by Using Low cost Efficient Charcoal Ovens and Stoves in Muheza district’’ is funded by France Embassy and implemented by Tangsen at Muheza District in Tanga region. The project aim to empower women and young enterpreneur to engage in conducting business activities through the use of sustainable energy products such as improved cook stoves, improved baking ovens and alternative charcoal. The target group women, men and young entrepreneurs were first trained on the best use of the products for economic benefits while using small amount of altervative charcoal and was done through cake and bread baking training on the improved baking oven. Entrepreneurship training Training on entrepreneurship aimed to impact knowledge on business management to sustainable energy technologies entrepreneurs of Muheza District Tanga region of PISSCA project beneficiaries . This training was conducetd on three phase from 27th August to 5th September 2018 and about 2000 emerging entrepreneurs attended. Entrepreneurs are individuals and others are in the groups and made up of men and women, others women only while other groups were made up of young entreprenuers. Training started with introduction from project coordinator who introduced PISCCA project objectives and later about business training which aim to cement the issues of income generation through the use efficient charcoal ovens and stove. Therefore the objectives of business training was to impart knowledge on how to do business in an entreprenurial way while generating profit. The second part of introduction from participants and later provided training wishes. PROJECT INDICATORS o 70 women earning income from baking business by the end of the project o 20 youths earning income from baking business by the end of the project o 100 women using efficient charcoal stoves productively by the end of the project o At least 10 small entrepreneurs (Women and Youths) earning income from selling o green charcoal technologies, efficient stoves and ovens by the end of the year. o At least 20 bakeries established by the end of the project. The project is still ongoing; the results will be published in the final report. How did the project consider local, regional and national development priorities? • This project is in line with Muheza district priorities to increase the number of women are engaged into income generation activities. Likewise, it compliments national INDUSTRIALIZATION policy by training women and men to start and open small scale industries. • Also this project is in line with the national environment policy where it targets to reduce the use of charcoal and firewood which cause environmental degradation by introducing the use of briquettes made from plant residues in baking.

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